Less than 1% of shares have a growth potential of more than 100%. We use advanced analytical tools to find such companies and to provide you this list.

Market research

At the heart of our philosophy of choosing the leaders of the stock market lies the study of William J. O'Neil who analyzed the most profitable shares in the last 50 years and identified a number of fundamental and technical parameters that each outstanding company possessed. We use these studies to select 10 to 15 companies that have all the necessary fundamental indicators and in our opinion are market leaders.

Analytical forecast

For a strong movement of any asset requires a catalyst, in the stock market, such a catalyst can serve as a significant difference between the projected and actual quarterly EPS earnings, as well as the difference between the actual and projected earnings received by the company for the quarter.

Technical analysis

To determine the entry point, we use most of the technical indicators provided by the platform TradingView (wave analysis of Elliott Fibonacci numbers, support and resistance lines and so on) with reliable graphic models (a cup with a handle, a cup without a handle, a double base, a flat base).

Psychological analysis

A 30% movement in the price of an asset depends on the market for another 30% of the industrial group in which the share is located and only 30% of the share itself Thanks to the Stock Twits platform, we monitor the general mood of the market participants regarding the whole market, each industrial group and separately needed shares

Examples of trade transactions