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Our manifesto

The success of aggressive investing is in the purchase of the most actively developing companies, whose profit growth rate is 50% or more, while the average company S&P 500 shows an average quarterly economic growth of only 10%.

McDolands, Microsoft, General Motors are long-established companies that no longer need investors’ money, since they needed them at an early stage of development, on the contrary, they pay dividends to their investors (and a penny), because they have almost nowhere to invest.

But companies with new unique products or services that increase income by 30%, 50%, 100% or more per year, actively attract capital through the secondary placement of stocks and invest all the earnings in development, deserve the money of individual investors.

Dominant Investors Club brings together
1 000 individual investors
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We know that there are many problems that individual investors may run into:

  • The strategy turned up to be inefficient and doesn’t provide a steady income even to compensate for brokerage service;
  • Investment assets selected for investment are not good enough for making high profits;
  • The time for investments is wrong (beginning of the bear market, protracted market correction);
  • Investments are not safe and reliable, the lack of effective risk management leads to significant investment losses.

The main causes of failure are a lack of knowledge, experience and support from professional market players.

Our mission is to prevent your losses in the financial market and lead you to profit from investing

That’s why we decided to create the investors club that allows each individual investor:

  • Get and share experience on investing in stocks;
  • Determine the real value of companies;
  • Make a fair valuation of assets;
  • Learn to use advanced analytical tools and create effective trading systems;
  • Use the power of the collective intellect for investment decision making.

We believe that a new era of collective investment has come and Dominant Investors Club is striving to unite the best professionals for smart investment with high returns.

  • Analyzes more than 7,500 thousand companies on the US stock exchange and finds assets with the most powerful fundamental and technical parameters
  • A simple and convenient app which unites the
    advanced analytical tools and allows you to invest professionally